Dennis Schön

Project 365 - Week 1

13.3.2017 - 19.3.2017

I finally started a 365 photo project. If you’re not familiar with the term: a 365 photo project is simply where you set yourself the goal of taking at least one photo, every single day, for an entire year.

Sounds easy enough in theory, but is much harder to do in practice. As Bijan Saber put it: “The 365 is so hard because it’s so honest”. I’m only three weeks in and already had to take some “late evening still life shots” that I’m not proud of.

Anyway, for me, this project is a commitment to use my camera every day. A challenge to push me out of my comfort zone and maybe even improve my photography. I don’t expect every photo to be great. In fact, I’m perfectly fine when I walk away from this project with just a handful of images I like.

Here are the “rules” I set for myself:

I plan to switch to analog once our house move is done and I’ve had some time for setting up my developing and scanning equipment.

I’ll try to post a full week every Sunday evening. Below is the first week and here is week #2 and #3.

19. März 2017